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Here are some toons you will laugh @.

The toons:

Terrorist Captured
Make-Up The "F" Word Pitbull vs Porcupine Iraqui Family Picture
Men Use Post-Its Why Men Don't... Middle Age Women The Difference
Coolest Haircut New Neighbor Biggest Beer Belly? Most Men Are...
Newest Victim The Plan Happy Halloween! Hercules The Liger
Funny Signs Amazing Illusion Ice Cream Man Dedicated Employee
Things You Rarely See Religions Of The World Gotta Love Vet's FEMA Ticket
The Emblem Awesome Truck! At The Beach Ever Wonder?
Best Pub Sign Airplane Bike Bad Ass Pets Wedding
Cheap Virus Protection! Whoa! Jehovahs Witness Parking Solution
Microsoft Support! Metamorphosis Makes Men Happy! Easter Bunnys
Wave Hoggers! Free Milk! The Office Picnic! Quail Hunting!
Bumper Stickers! Bad Day! Redneck Mailbox Big Pussy!
Time To Leave? New Money Safe Sex Dress! First Remote
Hurricane Survival! Bravest Man! Green Shoes! Redneck Dogs!
New Orleans Croc! Graphic Artist Interesting Bike! No Looting!
2006 Fuel Gauge! New Harley! (xxx) Things To-Do! Bushies On Vacation
Bathroom Floor! Terrorist! Not Thinking $2.80 A Gal. Gas
WOW! Amazing Drawings! Houston Toilet! Bring'em Young
New State Quarters! Translation! Mt. Fuji Clams! (xx)
Cure All Pill! Find The Head Iraq Sandstorm If You See...
Choices Choices! New Speakers Peek-A-Boo Hung
"Minnesota Frige!" How Many Times? Safer In Iraq Seen It All!
"Reproducing Trees!" Why Cyclist Should... Bad Day "Wedding Cake!"

"The Hammock!" "Anything With Paint!" "The Queen's ....!" "Air Conditioning!"
"Olympic Swimmer!" "Your Brain!" "New Drug!" "Florida!"
"Oral Sex!" "The Plumber!" "My Retirement Job!" "Song Swapping!"
"Cameras Everywhere!" "Cheater!" "A Riddle For Men!" "Interesting Furniture!"
"Nothing On TV" "In The Woods!" "Interesting Bottle!" "Brake Test!"
"Hell Hath No Fury" "Illusion!" "Help!" "Yankee Go Home!"
"64 Equals 65?" "Alask Fishing!" "Goes Around!" "Big Pussy!"
"New Slogan!" "Happy New Year!" "Kick Ass!" "Life On Mars!"
"I Beat It!" "Brave Penguin!" "The Concord!" "One In Every Crowd!"
"Awesome Illusion!" "Hurricane Isabel!" "Wanna Go Surfing?" "Finally!"

"Education!" "Fitness!" "Hooter Inspector!" "Idiots!"
"Tans!" "Whale!" "Woman's Dream!" "For Sale!"
"Kid And His Pet!" "The Massage!" "Swimming In Nude!" "Retired Hooters!"
"Sheep!" "Catch And Release!" "Disney Pirate!" "General Franks!"
"Friendly Fire!" "Jaba Da-Butt!" "Iraqi Macs!" "Summer Of Sars!"
"Swiming Hole!" "Redneck Weather!" "Reality Coins!" "Sadam's Escape!"
"Can You See?" "In Japan!" "Sex Offenders!" "Storm Brewing!"
"High School Girls!" "In Japan!" "The Middleast" "Mother Of All Bombs!"
"Balancing Act!" "Broomstick!" "To France!" "Can You Hear?"
"Company Picnic!" "Coming Soon!" "The Message!" "The Thong!"
"The Mission!" "Awesome Lubricant!" "Male Cat!" "Martha!"

Cool huh?

Great vids. , great fun!